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  长兴公司创始于1998年,10 多年来专注于开发、设计和生产高尔夫练习场、球场设备以及其它相关高尔夫用品。迄今为止,我们的产品已被全国超600家球场和练习场使用,与此同时,在世界范围内还出口到美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、欧盟、俄罗斯、非洲、南美洲及 亚洲的日本和韩国 等国家和地区,获得客户一致好评。现今长兴公司在高尔夫领域已经发展成为具有国际竞争力和影响力的专业厂家,公司生产产品齐全,包括所有高尔夫练习场,球场设备,会所和球僮用品。随着公司的发展,我们的业务已经扩展到室内外高尔夫果岭工程的设计开发,高尔夫园林的绿化、设计和施工等项目。随着产业转型与升级 , 我们更新观念, 开阔视野,加大研发力量和资金投入,不断开发新产品,满足市场需求,为客户提供优质的产品,优质的服务,力争世界的百年品牌,长兴-KONDAY

KONDAY , was founded in 1998, originally it was golf accessory factory. Since 2003, It started Golf driving range equipments, Golf course supplies and related golf goods. In the past 10 more years, which has been dedicated to developing, designing & manufacturing.Till now,we have cooperated with 600 more clients for driving ranges & golf courses in China.In the meantime, our products are sold to worldwide markets-USA,Canada, Australia, EU, Russia, Africa, South America, Japan ,Korea and others regions in Asia, We can proudly say we won a high reputation through the business. Today, KONDAY has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in the world.Our products are involved in Driving equipments, Golf course supplies, Clubs goods and Caddie goods as well. Being with the company developed, our business expands to artificial mini golf courses’ designs and constructions.To meet market demand and industry upgrades , We invests more money in R&D in creating new projects so good that we offer quality goods and service to customers.We are aimed at being with 100s in the world- KONDAY,KONDAY Brands
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